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From Revisiting Lewis & Clark to Welcoming Lost Explorers | BoardGameGeek News

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Aside from that Ludonaute and Chaboussit are partnering on a new title that also features exploration as its theme: Lost Explorers, which is for 2-4 players, bears a playing time of 35 minutes, and which is due out in November 2020. Here’s a brief overview of the game, along with a possibly non-final version of the game board:

Alert! Two explorers announced today the discovery of a Lost World. They have left clues all around the planet to help others find the secret entrance. You decide to follow their traces, but you are not the only one on the trail, so think carefully about your tactics and be the first to gather the five major clues.In Lost Explorers, each player has five figures on their research team. On your turn, you send them to collect tokens from pile A, pile B, or both piles. One figure can retrieve only the first token from the pile, two figures can choose between the first or the second one, etc.

The visible side of the tokens represents a transport — a train (red), a car (yellow), a boat (blue), or an airship (green) — while the hidden side represents a combination of places, which is the mission you need to carry out to collect clues. Choose whether to keep the transport side or the mission side of the token. Once you choose the token is locked, and you place it in front of you with your other transport and mission tokens.

When you have enough transport tokens to reach a place related to a mission, you can send one of your figures there, then discard one of the used transport tokens; if another adventurer is already on this place, you

Once the mission is accomplished, move forward a number of spaces on the track corresponding to the color of the mission token, then discard it. The explorer tracks are score tracks with bonus. To win, you must be the first to find five major clues to the Lost World, which are represented by the stars on the tracks.

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